RIIGZ making strides


On-the-rise entertainer Riigz has been making big strides since his performance on the BritJam stage in March.

Currently, the promising young artiste is getting quite a bit of recognition with the song Benjamainz, a collaboration he did earlier this year with 6ix boss Squash.

Like Squash, Riigz calls Montego Bay, St James, home, and that has created a natural bond. But Riigz doesn’t have any intention of hanging on to Squash’s coat-tails.

The collab isn’t the only song that persons have been tuning in to for the singjay.

He has also collaborated with Deva Brat, Sicq Up, Illish Dappa Don, Blade Merital, Perjah, Whitter The Legend, Rozzaro, Kali Grn, Palmdon, Luminator and Marlon ‘Icon’ Samuels on the remix for the popular Weed And Rum.

Hey Yoo, he says, is his most current song.

“The year 2019 wasn’t bad at all,” Riigz told THE STAR. “I did a few shows, a lot of interviews at various media outlets, and I can say that there has been progress.”

He performed at his first big show in Kingston, an after-Champs fete, and also had a recent showing at Weddy Weddy, which was enlightening.

“I didn’t really get to perform, but my songs get a good run. I was there to see the reaction from the crowd and it was very favourable,” he said.

The artiste, who is scouting for a manager, has been linked with a few persons in MoBay who are looking out for his interests.

“I give thanks to people like Alan Lewin who take up the baton. But he is trying to get a good manager for me right now,” he said.

Riigz, given name Ricardo Leslie, grew up in the violence-ridden community of Paradise Row.

The Barracks Road Primary past student was a track athlete and went on to represent Herbert Morrison Technical High School at the ISSA Boys & Girls’ Championships, the Penn Relays, and the Reebok Grand Prix in New York.

Riigz grew up around music, seeing his father do it as a singer and sound system operator. At the time though, his main focus was maintaining his athletic prowess, even since graduating from high school.

He names his influences as the late great Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Tupac and Biggy, as well as dancehall legends Bounty Killer and Beenie Man.