RIIGZ, a Jamaican Dancehall Artiste is riding the waves of his success, with singles such as Benjaminz which features Squash, known also as the 6iix Boss. Top Boy, Di Badness produced by DJ Crazy Neil, Deja Vu, Weed and Rum, Anything You Want, Dutty Money, Loyal, All I Do, Man Is Just A Man, Stand Tall, Everything Is Alright.

RIIGZ has worked with producers and sound engineers such as Uel Genesis, DJ Crazy Neil, Fadaroy Muzik, Hemton Music, Attomatic Records, True Production, J6 Muzik, Swagga Records and Biggz Million Entertainment. July 2019 saw the revamping of his and Uel Genesis' (business partner) studio S.Q.R. Studios, where he continues to create his music. Besides Deva Bratt and Squash, RIIGZ has collaborated with Sicq Up, Illish Dappa Don, Blade Merital, Perjah, Whitter The Legend, Rozzaro, Kali Grn, Palmdan, Illuminata and Marlon “Icon” Samuels on the remix for the popular Weed And Rum Remix.

The promising, young artiste has high hopes and insists that other upcoming artistes like himself should remember that consistency is key. RIIGZ states that he has gotten this far because he has “starved his distractions and fed his focus”. He is a self motivated and driven by his stellar focus.. His “don’t quit” attitude has and will continue to carry him to his success.

Top BoyWeed & RumEverything Is AlrightHey Yoo